13 Mar

Breaking News - Corona Virus

Dear customers,

As we’ve all heard in Europe, the Corona virus continues to keep us on edge.
Today, the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate decided to close all schools and daycare centres as of next Monday (March 16th 2020). A decision that has impacted Solutex, since we also employ parents of school-age children.

Please note that we are working hard to keep the potential damage caused by possible production downtime as low as possible, while our employees seek tirelessly for childcare solutions in the interest of the company. 

We would like to inform you herewith about this news, and ask you to be prepared for any possible delays in the availability of goods. As mentioned, we seek to avoid any delays, however due to the rapid changes developing with the Corona virus, changes in our production process may be expected.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to confirm previously booked volumes, and receive therefore an appropriate update.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience! 

Your team from Soluxtec

26 Jul

Latest Productdevelopment

Latest Productdevelopment

02 Nov


24 Oct

Soluxtec will mit neuem Modul in Deutschland punkten

Der Photovoltaik-Hersteller produziert seit elf Jahren in Bitburg und baut derzeit seine Kapazitäten auf 200 Megawatt aus. In Kürze soll die Produktion des neuen Solarmoduls voll anlaufen, für das Soluxtec in Warschau einen Preis für den innovativen Ansatz für Nachhaltigkeit und Müllvermeidung gewann.

Quelle und gesamter Inhalt: https://www.pv-magazine.de/2018/10/23/soluxtec-will-mit-neuem-modul-in-deutschland-punkten/

23 Oct

Modul Monokrystaliczny SerII FR60

18 Oct



The German Photovoltaic Module Producer SOLUXTEC GMBH is proud to be decorated with the Award of the most innovative Product while  participation in Warsaw last week

Soluxtec´s East European Commercial responsible Mr. Andrzej Zyber accepted gladly the Award while the Gala evening of the Exposition. While the acceptance speech he emphasized the efforts Soluxtec made lately. Soluxtec feels confident being in position to provide its customers with the overhauled Product type Soluxtec Das Module V2 a PV Module, which is currently up-to-date and full fill more than a regular PV Module is used to do.

05 Jul



Designed for large scale PROfessional’s PROjects

Modules binned by current to improve
PROject system performance, Positive performance Tolerance.


10 year warranty



More information : DAS MODUL PRO²

14 Mar

20 year warranty

20 year warranty

Now 20 year warranty on our products

SOLUXTEC has announced its new manufacturer's warranties. Product guarantees are being extended from 10 years to 20 years. Which is reassuring to investors, given that the efficiency of the modules averages out at 80.20% over 25 years. Good news never comes on its own: SOLUXTEC products have been certified as “Grade A investments” by the France-based organisation ORAVIA. It goes without saying that this certification is a significant asset and assures potential clients of greater financial security. What is more, SOLUXTEC is pulling out all the stops to guarantee the quality of its products to clients through constant development, an increasingly innovative range of products, and by providing excellent service at all times. This can be seen in the general integration of the embedded technology DELight, which monitors the modules' production.

07 Sep

Soluxtec @ Turkey

Soluxtec @ Turkey

10 Mar

SOLUXTEC Das Modul R.E.D Desert Serie

Soluxtec präsentiert Ihnen ein neues Photovoltaik Modul: SOLUXTEC Das Modul R.E.D. Desert Serie